2018 Community Spirit Pledge

 Middlesex Mutuals’ Community Spirit Pledge launched in 2006 reserves a specified amount each year for commendable community project(s), offering the opportunity to make community based fundraising goals a real possibility. This fund has become well respected and sought after by many not-for-profit organizations in and around Middlesex County. Contributions to community projects since the launch of the program have totaled over $150,000. 

Middlesex Mutual Insurance Co. (MMIC) is pleased to provide 2018 funding to the following three worthy recipients chosen by MMIC’s Community Relations Committee and Board of Directors:


Easter Seals Camp Woodeden to receive $2,500.00 towardsthe purchase of pathway benches (noted on their wish list as a special donation request). Each year Easter Seals Ontario sends kids from across the province to Woodeden, a fully accessible camp located on the outskirts of London, Ontario for children with disabilities. A summer camp experience allows children to discover their capabilities while making friends, trying new activities, and having the freedom to just be a kid in a safe and accepting environment. MMIC is happy to provide benches that will provide rest areas for the children as they participate in a fun camp experience. “We’re very grateful and proud to have the support of Middlesex Mutual Insurance Co.,” says Kevin Collins, President and CEO of Easter Seals Ontario. “The funding they have provided for benches for Camp Woodeden will make the camp that much more accessible and enhance the overall experience for all of our campers.”

Friends of the Parkhill Carnegie Library to receive $1,500.00 towards new exterior signage, for its Parkhill Carnegie Gallery located in the former Public Library. The organization offers an art gallery, a showcase for local artisans, and a concert hall; with a teaching area for workshops/classes and a group-meeting place.  “Our building is still viewed by many as being the public library in town,” says Monica Carter, President of Friends of the Parkhill Carnegie Library. “The new signage will clearly identify its new purpose and what we have created here for the community. It will also be a way of announcing what is currently happening in the Gallery." MMIC is pleased knowing an exterior sign will help to advertise and promote local artists and create more awareness in the community.

Thorndale 4-H Beef Division is the recipient of $ 1,000.00 towards the purchase of a new set of clippers, blades and other tools required for training. 4-H clubs focus on a wide array of issues pertinent to todays’ youth. Recognized across the globe as a program that teaches essential skills for youth to become proactive forces within their communities, 4-H is known for building leadership, life skills and community involvement. With 10 youth in the Thorndale club this year, Paula Chowen (co-leader with Valerie Arnold) noted, “the new set of clippers our club will purchase, will allow each member to have an equal opportunity using this type of equipment. Our goal is to ensure that finances are not a hurdle for our members as a lot of the equipment we use can be a significant investment. Our club lives by the 4-H motto Learn To Do By Doing’".


On behalf of Nancy Preston (President & CEO) many thanks to the Committee and Board for their dedication and commitment to building a vibrant and healthy community.


Nancy J. Preston, CIP

President & CEO


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