Experience the mutual way of insurance protection

Posted On Wednesday August 12, 2020

With over a century of knowledge and experience protecting local communities throughout Southwestern Ontario, we work hard to provide a full line of insurance products designed to meet the changing needs of our members.

Are you thinking about moving your insurance policies to a Mutual Insurance Company and want to know more?

As a Mutual Insurance company, we are 100% policyholder owned.

The benefits of being a member of a mutual insurance company are many. Our mutuality is what sets us apart:

  • We are locally owned by our members, and as stewards of the company, we run it for their sole benefit
  • Premiums stay within the community, where they do the most good
  • We work hard to protect our Members’ interest:
    • Offering personal service
    • Tailored quotes you cannot get on price comparison sites
    • Insurance products designed with our members in mind
    • Providing risk management advice to protect your family’s assets
    • Supporting our communities, large and small, through events and other initiatives
    • Our elected Board of Directors is comprised of fellow policyholders, focused on ensuring our organization continues to be a relevant, valued-added company for the communities we serve.
    • We are committed to progressive development that ensures Middlesex Mutual will be here when you need us for another 100 years.

At Middlesex Mutual, we strive to be the best insurance company in the community. We believe in relationship building and express our values each day through our motto:

“Doing the Right Thing” 

It means we care…

That you enjoy the right coverage at a competitive price

That your service requests are delivered in a manner you appreciate

That we respond to a claim quickly and fairly

All it takes to become a member of your locally run Mutual Insurance company is to buy an insurance policy (home, auto, business or farm). Please contact Middlesex Mutual Insurance today, our Agents and Brokers are always available to answer your questions.