Road Trips - a fun way to explore Southwestern Ontario!

Posted On Wednesday July 03, 2019

Summer holidays are a favourite time to hop in the car and explore all this great province has to offer. Having a plan before heading out will keep you and your family safe, allowing you all to enjoy the adventures awaiting you!

Here are a couple of driving tips to consider as you set out:

  • ?Eat before driving so you will not be tempted to juggle distracting snacks behind the wheel.
  • Set your GPS prior to departure and listen to it, do not look at it.
  • Deal with predictable distractions before hitting the road. Check the map, adjust the seat and climate controls, and familiarize yourself with the dashboard controls before taking the car out of park.
  • If you are driving with pets, make sure they are safely secured and in the back seat.
  • If a situation cannot wait – the kids are acting up in the back seat or you need to refer to a map or take an emergency call – pull over somewhere safe to attend to it.
  • For long road trips, take a break every two hours that allows you to exit the vehicle, stretch your legs and take in some fresh air.
  • Do not attempt to fix the drowsy feeling by drinking coffee. While coffee provides a small amount of stimulation, it will make you feel even more tired afterward.
  • If feeling drowsy while driving, pull over to a safe location and take a nap.?

Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada

Southwestern Ontario has so many awesome spots to choose from, here are some of our favourite spots to get you started:

  • Beaches:
    • Port Stanley on Lake Erie or Grand Bend on Lake Huron
  • Outdoor Hiking:
    • Sharon Creek Conservation Area, Fanshawe Conservation Area
  • Farmer’s Markets:
    • Ilderton Farmer’s Market or check out the Ontario Farm Fresh website and “visit a farm”
  • Historical Sites and Museums:
    • Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Lucan Area and Donnelly Museum

Wherever your road trip takes you this summer, enjoy!