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The Middlesex Mutual Community Spirit Pledge reserves funding each year for commendable projects in the community.  As an organization with strong roots in Middlesex County, we are committed to building relationships through the support of local initiatives in need of financial or other assistance. Launched in 2006, the fund offers MMIC the opportunity to make community based fundraising goals a real possibility. Contributions to community projects since the launch of the program have totaled over $265,000. 


 2022 Middlesex Mutual Community Spirit Pledge Recipients

This year the committee chose to focus on organizations offering youth programs that support leadership, health & wellness.
Youth participation in community activities provides an important safe space to develop a sense of belonging and responsibility. 
Youth programs assist young people to gain valuable personal and professional skills that will help them later in life.
It is our pleasure to introduce the organizations chosen for 2022.  Their energy, commitment and passion towards helping the youth in their communities are inspiring and we are honoured to assist their efforts.

Northwest London Resource Centre (NWLRC)

photo of northwest london resource centre receiving donationNorthwest London Resource Centre (NWLRC) received $2,500 towards support of the Centre’s Youth Empowerment Program (YEP). Middlesex Mutual Insurance is proud to support such a comprehensive program that offers participating youth five different modules (Wellness, Skill Development, Community Relations, Creativity, Leadership) each representing a pillar of leadership.

“The Youth Empowerment Program (YEP, We Can !!) is a fantastic leadership program for our youth that live in Northwest London. One of the graduates of YEP, pictured here, now works with NWLRC part-time to support and inspire other youth who are struggling or finding challenges in their journey,” says Amani Radhaa, Associate Director, NWLRC.


Ilderton Youth Centre

photo of ilderton youth centre receiving donationThe Ilderton Youth Centre received $2,500 to purchase new craft supplies, sports equipment, theatrical supplies, board games, and video games. Located at the Ilderton Arena, the youth centre offers drop-in and specialty recreational programs for young people ages 9 to 18. The Municipality of Middlesex Centre operates the centre and has partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of London (BCG London) to run the programming.

"The new Centre offers a number of structured and unstructured programs such as recreation, arts, cultural and life skills"..."This donation from Middlesex Mutual Insurance will help to expand the programs offered at the youth centre,” said Scott Mairs, Director of Community Services for Middlesex Centre.

2021 Middlesex Mutual Community Spirit Pledge Recipients

The coronavirus pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges for many in our communities. One of those challenges is mental health. For 2021, the MMIC board of directors and community spirit committee reached out to not-for-profit organizations in the area in need of assistance in their support of the mental health and well-being of individuals in our local area.

It is our pleasure to introduce our policyholders and others to the organizations chosen for 2021.  Their energy, commitment and passion towards helping individuals in the community are inspiring and we are honoured to assist their efforts.

Daya Counselling Centre

Daya Counselling Centre to receive $6,500 towards the support of the Centre’s subsidized counselling program. The Centre offers short-term therapeutic counselling to individuals, couples and families living in London-Middlesex. They embrace diversity and create a safe space for all. “These are unprecedented times that call for unprecedented kindness and your kind donation ensures that our family members, friends, and neighbours have the mental health supports that they need as we find our way through the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Katherine Stewart, Executive Director, Daya Counselling Centre. MMIC is proud to support an organization that offers counselling to everyone 16 years and older, regardless of their socio-economic status.


Indwell is the recipient of $6,500 towards their ‘Furnish an Apartment’ campaign at Embassy Commons in London, ON. A 72-unit apartment currently being built with an anticipated completion date of spring 2022. Indwell creates affordable housing communities that support people seeking health, wellness and belonging. “Many of our tenants come to us at a low point in their lives, some from homelessness, and others from hospital, and others from unsafe housing. Having new furniture and kitchen gear makes their apartment a home, and sets the tone and expectation for this new chapter in their lives.” says Julie Ryan, Community Engagement Coordinator, Indwell. MMIC is pleased to offer tangible hope for a new beginning.

Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness

Unity Project is the recipient of $6,500 towards their Housing Stability Program, providing in-home housing support services for adults and youth of all genders who have a history of homelessness. The program works to help people maintain stability in housing. Supports include medical, legal, mental health, life skills – whatever it takes to help people achieve wellness and belonging in the community. With the UP Golf Classic fundraising event cancelled due to the pandemic, MMIC is delighted to contribute a gift to an organization that has been a consistent contributor in providing vital social services for London and area.

The Salvation Army - St Marys Food Bank

The Salvation Army, Stratford-St. Mary’s Regional Community Ministries Food Bank is the recipient of $6,500 towards the purchase of a walk-in freezer. MMIC’s donation will kick-off a campaign to raise the approximate $15,000 required to purchase this much needed equipment. “Currently we are limited to the frozen product we can accept. A walk-in freezer would resolve this issue and allow us to provide greater assistance to the clients we serve,” says Major Rick Honcharsky, Executive Director. MMIC is happy to offer the initial funds required to enable the food bank to store more donated frozen food.

Ailsa Craig & Area Food Bank on behalf of Philip’s Garden

The Ailsa Craig & Area Food Bank will receive $6,500 on behalf of Philip’s Garden to purchase food items for monthly hampers. “Philip is a regular supporter of the food bank. Though his life may be impacted by autism it does not stop him from being incredibly involved in his community”, says Philip’s caregiver Jim Lambert. This year he has already donated 18kg of zucchini, 30 flats of beef steak tomatoes and $900 from the sale of his eggs. He has not let the pandemic get in the way of achieving his goal to help others. Philip exemplifies what it means to be a caring, contributing member of the community and MMIC could not be more proud to support his efforts with this donation.