Property Loss - What to Do

Middlesex Mutual is committed to providing you with the excellent customer service that you have come to expect. Our approach is based on being fair, honest and transparent so you know where you stand.

Property claim process

What to do after a property loss:

Contact your agent or broker, our claims department at 519-666-0075 or report your claim online. A claims professional will be assigned to your file. They will be there from the start to guide you through the process.

After hours claims

In the event of an after-hours loss, we are committed to servicing our policyholders' needs:

  • Our claims adjuster, Emilly Girodat  is available by cell phone at 519-860-0750.
  • Should Emilly not be available, you will be prompted through the cell phones to contact the dedicated independent adjusting after hour's line at 1-877-663-0701.

Preventing further damage

You are responsible for protecting your damaged property from further damage until repairs can be made, if it is safe to do so.

If your loss is water related your first priority is to prevent further damage. This could be shutting your water off and making sure your floor drain is clear. Removing water with wet shop vacuums and/or submersible pumps is appropriate.

Losses due to theft

The police should be contacted first, if the loss is due to theft, burglary, robbery or vandalism.

If the loss involves a credit card or bank fund transfer card, notify the Credit Card Company or Bank immediately.

Initiating your claim

Your claims professional will:

  • Make every effort to contact you the same business day your claim is received in our office
  • Gather initial information about your loss
  • Discuss your property policy coverage
  • Explain the claims process
  • Provide emergency response contractors when needed
  • Suggest ways to prevent further damage


If necessary, we will schedule a visit to conduct a property inspection to:

  • determine whether your loss is covered
  • gather all the facts about your loss
  • take photos and formally evaluate your claim


We will work with you to resolve your claim fairly and as quickly as possible.

Once we resolve your claim according to the terms of your policy, we close the claim. If you still have questions we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact your claims representative.

Your property policy will cover your possessions, but did you know?

Building limits

Inflation may increase property values. A review of your building coverages is recommended to ensure that you are adequately protected.

Sub limits

Items such as jewellery, money, collections, silverware, watercraft, antiques and bicycles as well as other items are limited as to values. Some of these items may be increased by insuring them separately.


Antiques are insured on an actual cash value basis and not on a replacement cost basis.

Secondary heating systems

Wood burning stoves must be noted on your policy. Coverage could be affected if the company is not notified.

Businesses operated in the home

Your policy may limit or exclude claims arising from any type of business operated from your residence. Please contact your agent or broker of any changes in your policy.