Who We Are

Doing the Right Thing!
A simple phrase that means a lot.

Our Mission

As your mutual voice in the community, we use our financial strength to provide innovative insurance solutions that ensure peace of mind.

As your mutual voice Middlesex Mutual Insurance Co. is owned by its policyholders. Therefore, each policyholder has a voice in the governance of the company as an owner. This ownership role and responsibility gives them a true voice in the company's direction and choices.

Our Vision

To be the best insurance company in our community.

Catchphrase: “Doing the Right Thing”

Principles and Values

We believe:

  • In the importance of our policyholders being active owners of the company, supporting the value of neighbour helping neighbour.
  • In treating all policyholders, staff and community members with fairness, integrity and understanding.
  • In the provision of professional insurance products and services that are functional, responsive and reliable.
  • In being transparent via open communication, full accessibility and providing excellent customer service.
  • In the importance of being knowledgeable about the insurance industry and the evolving needs of our policyholders by offering effective technical and professional competencies.
  • In ensuring an organizational culture that fosters innovation, recognizes achievement, supports staff development and encourages team-based approaches.
  • In being accountable to our policyholders by being fiscally responsible with their assets and through the application of objectives and standards that regularly measure and report on organizational performance.

You have a voice, let it be heard

When you buy a policy, you become a member of Middlesex Mutual. That means you have a voice on important issues. An organization owned by you and run for you.

Being a mutual insurance company sets us apart:

We have protected generations

Over a century of experience protecting our local communities throughout Southwestern Ontario. We work hard to protect you and your family in places where we all live.

A group of farmers formed Middlesex Mutual over 140 years ago. Their reason was simple. They wanted to create an organization that would support the needs of their community with reliable insurance at a reasonable cost. Our heritage is as important today. We still operate in many of the same ways that we did back then:

  • Offering responsive insurance products
  • Actively connected to our local community
  • A claims response that is prompt and fair

And we are not standing still

Continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our policyholders. We are committed to progressive development that ensures Middlesex Mutual will be here when you need us for another 100 years.